License Agreement

Licensing Agreement

The terms and conditions of this Licensing Agreement (“Agreement”) apply to all products provided by Creativevaluation to you (“Licensee”).

 1. Definitions
1.1. Capitalized terms used in the Agreement shall have the meanings set out below:

 “Websites” shall mean and;

 “Materials” shall mean the images, vectors, videos and other materials available for Licensee to download from the Websites;

“Downloads” shall mean the packages of Materials specified on;

“Licensee Material” shall mean Licensee’s own images, videos, illustrations, documents and other files uploaded to Creativevcloud;
“Creativevcloud” shall mean the system/tool for organizing, storing and sharing Licensee Materials;

 2. Scope of the License
2.1. Upon Licensee’s payment for Downloads and/or Creativevcloud and conditioned upon Licensee’s compliance with the Agreement, Creativevaluation grants Licensee a time limited, non-exclusive right to use the Downloads and/or Creativevaluation on the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement.


 2.2.1. Licensee is entitled to use Downloads in its own work or as part of creative or editorial work for third parties only.

 2.2.2. Licensee may set up one or more of its employees as users. Licensee shall ensure that all such users meet the terms and conditions of the Agreement and that each user has a unique username and password.

 2.2.3. Downloads must not be used as part of a logo, trademark or similar company characteristic.

2.2.4. Licensee must not use Downloads in any abusive, condescending or otherwise offensive manner or context.

2.2.5. Licensee must not sell, distribute, license, rent, lease, lend, pledge or otherwise transfer, assign or sublicense Downloads to a third party for such third party’s own use or use Downloads in online templates of any kind or other online services which gives third parties access to Downloads.

Individual License
For Individual License you can make end product or digital file etc. for only personal purpose. It does not give you right to use on any commercial project or product.

Commercial License
For Commercal License you can make max 10000 end products, under the Commercial License, your design must be significantly different than the original design.

Extended Commercial License 
For Commercal License you can make max 250000 end products, under the Extended Commercial License, your design must be significantly different than the original design.