Creative Green

Driving Digital Transformation
We integrates digital technology across the organization through the Organization Transformation Project. The Company’s approach is to emphasize balance between capacity and efficiency development for our people and for the technology we use. In tech development, we focus on applying artificial intelligence and data within the organization to achieve desired outcomes, and developing modular technology that can be connected to the organizational platform. For people development, our efforts are focused on ensuring that all personnel have the digital talent they need to improve work efficiency, facilitate effective organizational decision-making, and maintains resilience in working under team-based settings with constantly changing variables. We has defined a vision for organizational digital transformation, which states that the Company “Be the technology company that make digital handcraft by human with crevity joyful”. Additionally, We established a strategic direction to further develop and revise the  Strategic Framework for Digital Technology Development to be comprehensive of long term . Short-term and long-term targets for each focus area are listed below.

People: Build digital capacity within the organization to enable adoption of digital technology that increases business efficiency and drives growth. Develop an innovation culture to ensure that We remains at the forefront of digital competitiveness, and prioritize efforts to build awareness and understanding of cyber security amongst employees and relevant stakeholders.
Process: We focuses on achieving outcomes under six target areas, including:

1.Support all business processes to achieve sustainability.
2.Establish cybersecurity targets that are based on the zero-trust model.
3.Apply AI technology and analytics to support business decisions.
4.Achieve digital governance processes that are fully verifiable. Explore and identify ways to apply digital technology to create business value on an ongoing basis.
5.Support the application of digital technology to new businesses.
6.Drive adoption of digital technology to enable good customer experiences.

Technology: Aspire to become a leader in applying digital innovation to respond to rapid changes. Put in place digital enablers that support important digital work processes, including AI technology and analytics, use of the cloud platform, integration of information technology (IT) systems with operational technology (OT) systems, and ensuring security in the use of digital technologies.

In addition, We oversees digital governance and work processes to support the adoption of digital technology through the organization, while also managing risks from cyber security threats outlined under the Digital Policy. The Digital Policy, outlines the Company’s goal to apply digital technology to increase efficiency and create added value  to enable continuous business growth. This will support the organization in having increased agility, speed, transparency, and security. At the same time, it also supports in aligning practices with good governance principles and drives us forward to achieve organizational excellence. In this way, the Company maintains readiness to build collaborative advancement within Group and promote sustainability in the fully integrated energy and petrochemical business. The Company will also realize opportunities to develop new businesses through technology and innovation, strengthen competitive advantage, and improve quality and agility in aligning the business to global trends and changes in a timely way. We has also defined a digital standard to use as a guideline for employees of all levels. This standard will enable the optimization of efficiency in all dimensions – including information technology equipment, information system standard, infrastructure security system development, training, and service-level agreement – thus contributing to business benefits and outcomes for the organization.