About Us

Company Overview of G Raphic As A Service Co., Ltd.

Company Background: G Raphic As A Service Co., Ltd. was founded on January 30, 2020. The company launched a pilot project in the digital graphics market under the name "Creativevaluation Marketplace." This Thai-based company embraces a diverse spirit, with employees from various provinces across Thailand, each bringing unique perspectives and expertise. The company manages everything from concept, design, to in-house development, ensuring the highest level of integrity in all its endeavors.

Creativevaluation Marketplace: The Creativevaluation Marketplace is continually developing a framework focused on growth, improvement, agility, independence, and innovative, sustainable solutions. From our headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand, our team of designers is dedicated to serving and catering to customers worldwide.

Key Points:

  • Foundation and Diversity: Established on January 30, 2020, the company emphasizes a blend of diverse spirits and perspectives, drawn from employees across different provinces in Thailand.
  • Comprehensive Management: Handling everything from initial concept and design to development internally, ensuring high standards of integrity.
  • Focus on Growth and Innovation: The Creativevaluation Marketplace is committed to continuous improvement and developing exciting, sustainable solutions.
  • Global Customer Service: Based in Bangkok, our design team provides attentive and dedicated service to clients globally.